ALA Expert DIY 800 Credit Restoration Bundle


DIY 800 Club or Credit Pak III(CPIII) is a consumer credit report restoration process for those who have keen knowledge of the consumer protections laws, and are ready to enforce their consumer rights. CPIII comes with TWO separate proven processes that has restored consumer credit profiles produced credit scores over 800 (843 to be exact, and 812 for the other, from as low as a 517 credit score) in less than 4 months using specific federal law and the administrative process.

These documents are newly released to the public. Never seen before private affidavits that have successfully been used to restore clean consumer reports, and demand the consumer reporting agencies reflect the score you demand under federal law.

Get this package that includes the e-Guide free along with the most updated information, letters, and example templates to achieve a clean credit report and extremely high credit score. What would you do with an 800+ credit score? Only one way to find out!

This Bundle Includes:

Comprehending Consumer Rights E-guide ($49.95 Value)

DIY Credit Pack I ($299.95 Value)

DIY Credit Pack III ($1,999.95 Value)

Inquiry Removal Letter ($79.95 Value)

Goodwill Letters ($99.95 Value)

Credit Supplies ($9.95 Value)

Inquiry Spreadsheet ($9.95 Value)

Certificate of Mailing ($19.95 Value)

CRA Freeze Letter ($49.95 Value)

CRA Freeze Removal Letter ($49.95 Value)

Creditor Letter ($99.95 Value)

24 Inquiry Removal ($99.95 Value)

Debt Collector Letter ($79.95 Value)

Total Value: $2,949.35