ALA Beginner DIY 700 Credit Restoration Bundle


A Do it Yourself package built for those who are new to enforcing their consumer rights. This is a consumer credit report restoration process. The same process and letters have been used to clear all negative information, inaccurate accounts, inquiries and produce credit scores from the high 400’s to over 700’s in less than 60 days. This allows consumers to qualify with ease for automobiles, personal loans, and prime interest rates.

This package includes:

Comprehending Consumer Rights E-Guide ($49.99 Value)

Credit Pack I ($299.95 Value)

Inquiry Removal ($79.95 Value)

Goodwill Letters ($99.95 Value)

Credit Supplies ($9.95 Value)

Inquiry Spreadsheet ($9.95 Value)

Certificate of Mailing ($19.95 Value)

Total Value: $569.69