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Kevin Stansfield

“My credit score was 523 almost 4 month ago. I started to read the reviews of different credit repair companies and finally I decided to go with the DIY package that the ALA offers. After two months my credit score jumped to 710, 714, and 738 across all bureaus! I know results aren’t guaranteed but shoot, you made my holidays with this one. I am so thankful I listened to my sister when she recommended I get with y’all and do it myself. Overpay a repair company FOR WHAT?? Thank you, guys, I appreciate your service and passion to help us common folk.”

Rick Beek

“The ALA is remarkable!!! 150 point jump in my credit score within the first 40 days. The fact that I did it myself makes me feel proud. These are great guys!!!! Thank you American Legacy Association..!!! “

Renesmee Thomas

“Great association, great standards, and even greater affidavits. Pleasant and intelligent people. They showed me how to take care of all my problems and when it was all fixed, I told them I finally got 719/709/727 for credit scores, from a 495! They were happy that I was happy, which was cool and now I don’t ever need a Credit repair company any more. I can do this myself and it only takes minutes. Would recommend them to everybody.”

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