About the american legacy association

The ALA provides members an opportunity to acquire knowledge through education and erudition of the laws that govern societies, science, commerce, banking, and mathematics.
ALA provides the tools for our members who seek maximum security and the protection over all valuable assets members have gained through their own creation in life.

What we bring to the table…


We have experience spanning over 20 years of International, Federal, and State
auditing, contracting, law proceedings, and both public/private court matters.


We’ve produced a variety of case wins spanning from, but not limited to traffic tickets, narcotics trafficking, possession, child support, CPS, repossessions, foreclosures, student loans, personal loans, timeshares, mortgages, bankruptcy, handguns(firearms) etc. This ranges from misdemeanors to felonies, both State and Federal.


We offer select proven techniques with evidence from past victories and success stories. The ALA provides tools to rebuild, grow, and secure not only your life but protect your legacy

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Phoenix, Arizona